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Who doesn’t love a celebration? From marking anniversaries to celebrating culture,
April Waterston has had an eye out for kits

Bee sweet

April Waterston finds five honey products that support the bees whilst also bringing natural sweetness onboard

Rail Choice

As consumers look for healthy options on the go, rail operators have upped their game
says Roger Williams

High Spirits

Alcohol-free shouldn’t have to mean bland or sickly-sweet drinks. April Waterston spots five alcohol-free spirits

Drink up

Specialist formulas promise to support wellbeing in the air. Jessica Pook checks out the choices

Sea to it

High in vitamins, protein, iron and fibre, seaweed makes for a healthy alternative to
other salty snacks.

Crew Uniforms

Crew uniforms have to be tough, stylish and comfortable. Jessica Pook discovers more

Freshen up

Refreshment offers add a caring touchpoint onboard. Jessica Pook discovers what’s cleaning up

And so to bed

There’s now a wealth of products supporting rest and relaxation onboard. Jessica Pook looks at the zzzz list

Eco cups

As passengers become ever more environmentally-aware, Jessica Pook looks for disposable cups with a conscience

Vegan snacks

Plant-based snacking is predicted to be one of the biggest superfood trends of 2019, Jessica Pook visited lunch! to find snacks to suit

Cold brews

Cold brew coffee is an easy and safe way to perk up passengers on the move. Jessica Pook samples a few ‘hot’ choices

Mixing it up

From modern mixers to trendy tonics, there’s a fast-growing array of flavours making a splash. says Jessica Pook

Game on

Seat back gaming can distract young kids and help passengers wile away the flying hours. Benjamin Coren highlights some top picks

Cool waters

The onboard choice of ready to serve water options has never been greater says Julie Baxter

Raw truth

The raw food trend has inspired an eclectic mix of on-the-go snacks, Jessica Pook investigates


A bag of nuts has long been a staple, if increasingly controversial, snack onboard. Laura Gelder looks at innovations in nuts

Soft drinks

Non-alcoholic options onboard are often sickly and unimaginative, but there are adult-friendly alternatives, says Laura Gelder

Disposable cups

With innovations in design, materials and printing, disposable cups are becoming more innovative, says Julie Baxter


A growing range of increasingly good quality instant noodles are coming to the onboard table, says Maria Martinez-Ugartechea

Food trends

Looking at foodie fashions for the year ahead, Marc Warde discovers the dining trends currently battling it out to be the onboard Special Meals of the future

Dairy-free milks

Non-dairy milks are emerging as the cream of the crop. Dietitian Eloise Bain takes a look at the health haloes of the most popular choices


Just the tonic for a long haul flight, Julie Baxter takes a look at gin distilleries poised to make their way onboard, including several great British brands.


Andy Hoskins hops on the bandwagon and finds out about the latest trends in onboard beer. Get ahead of the pack with his observations.