July 21, 2024

Sustainaholics launches no- and low-alcohol British drinks range

Sustainaholics is aiming to cater for shifting UK tastes with the launch of a no- and low-alcohol British drinks range.

The firm, which specialises in ethical independent producers, says the move caters for a growing market segment – customers who are choosing to reduce their alcohol consumption and have a passion for sustainable brands.

Included in the range are Days, a certified B Corp that brews authentic 0% beers by combining locally sourced Scottish water and malt barley; Pentire, another B Corp business producing naturally distilled coastal plant-based alcohol-free botanical spirits in Cornwall; and Real, which ferments sparkling teas as an alcohol-free alternative to champagne in Buckinghamshire.

Sustainaholics founder David Mills said that the ‘no and low’ category was one with huge promise, with research showing 55% of the UK population now actively moderating their alcohol consumption, and 1 in 3 of all pub visits in the UK is alcohol-free.

While millennials and Gen Z consumers are at the forefront of the ‘reduced alcohol’ trend, the industry had been slow to recognise that older demographic groups were changing their drinking habits.

“With both sustainability and alcohol-free being two key drivers of consumption amongst an increasingly powerful younger demographic that the travel industry needs to engage better with, plus the rapid growth of the ‘moderator’ category actively seeking alcohol-free alternatives, it’s essential that the travel industry adapts to and meets changing customer demands and behaviours that are here to stay,” he said.

“We’re delighted to launch our No and Low category with an alcohol-free beer, botanical spirits and sparkling wine alternative from sustainability-focused British brands sharing a commitment to be kind to the planet.

“These brands, whose provenance deliver outstanding taste and quality, are available in lightweight cans for consumption onboard airlines and bottles and gift sets for travel retail.”

Duncan Keith, a co-founder of Days, added: “This is a great opportunity to bring our award-winning 0% beers to new consumers and new occasions. Our lager and pale ale will complement any passenger’s journey, with no compromise on flavour. Additionally, through our Days Duty initiative, we donate 2% of sales towards mental health charities so that every bottle or can of Days has a positive impact.”