July 12, 2024

Sustainable packaging is a priority for MyJool date snacks

New date brand MyJool is focusing on sustainable packaging.

The snacking brand, which was present at this year’s Lunch! trade show in London, aims to reduce its reliance on plastic.

MyJool is ‘embracing sustainable practices’ with its 100% recycled packaging. Some components are also made from compostable materials. 

Developed for snacking, this ‘natural sweet solution’ comprises Medjool dates native to Morocco.

Its five core snacks are: the Green Palms Package (50g); the Sunny Orange Package (200g); the Red Sunset Package (400g); the Midnight Blue Super Fresh Package (400g) and the Turquoise Oasis Package (600g).

Organic assortments come in the Personal Brown-To-Go Package (50g) and Peaceful Desert Super Fresh Package (400g). Plans to expand this offering are currently underway.

Health benefits include an array of nutrients, vitamins, fibres and antioxidants. MyJool does not contain any added sugar or preservatives.