July 25, 2024

Successful WTCE debut for beverage company

Beverage company Diageo showcased a range of new products during its WTCE debut, at the 2024 edition of the trade show at the Hamburg Messe in Germany.

“WTCE has been really good,” said Melissa Broomes, Key Account Manager – Airlines at Diageo. “We’ve seen lots of exciting buyers and we’ve got some good business coming through from that.”

“It’s the first time for Diageo at WTCE, so we will probably do it again next year,” she added about the company, which also attended AmberSky earlier in the year.

“A lot of people got to try our Baileys Colada, which has been a limited edition, but it’s now a permanent SKU [Stock Keeping Unit]. Everybody loves it,” explained Broomes. “We also showcased our new Casamigos tequila 5cl mini, so they will be coming next year. It’s been really good to gauge feedback from buyers on those particular products.”

The vogue spirit at present is tequila, which is seeing a marked increase in popularity.

“Tequila’s going to be huge coming through into the summer of this year and out into next year,” commented Broomes. “So we are making sure that we’ve got key products like the Casamigos available for airlines.”