December 1, 2022

Stylish adhesive films with hygiene features

ADHETEC has developed a wide range of decorative adhesive films for aircraft cabins customised to create a visual atmosphere and support hygiene onboard.

Designed to reflect brand logos or a bespoke look, the films draw inspiration from natural material, patterns, pictures or inlays.

The company has also developed antimicrobial adhesive films to fight against the spread of viruses and bacteria in the cabin. They integrate the clean antimicrobial technology of Pylote, using microspheres for a natural antimicrobial decontamination that works over a long period, even after a high level of contact. The films are suitable for high touch areas like tray tables, IFE screens, seats, handles or toilets.

Antivirus and antibacterial safety cards and stickers are also available, designed to prevent the spread of virus and bacteria in the cabin while communicating mandatory safety instructions to passengers. Two products are available: Adhesive antimicrobial safety stickers to install on tray tables or seats, and on-adhesive antimicrobial cards for backseats item compartments.