Onboard Hospitality Forum – Asia

Join us for a ‘street festival’ at the heart of FTE-APEX Asia Expo plus we have a hosted buyers lounge where your food will go down a treat…

Be a part of: Onboard Hospitality’s ‘Street Food Festival’

Onboard Hospitality are bringing the destinations of Asia to life at our Forum – Asia event. We’re looking for airline/airline catering partners to help us showcase the very best of Asian food and culture and be a part of the most prestigious street food festival.

WHERE: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
WHEN: November 10-11. Each day we will be inviting delegates at FTE-APEX Asia EXPO to join us for a buzzing Asian showcase celebrating the best of the region.

The Onboard Hospitality ‘Street Food Festival’ calls on airlines and their caterers to use their chefs’ creative skills and culinary imagination to reinvent the traditional street food of the region and show how colourful local dishes can be reinterpreted for the onboard service of the future. Simply pick an Asian destination and then bring its culinary colour and cultural style to the heart of the show.

Remember this is an airline show full of airline buyers and top managers so any product or concept that could actually work onboard is likely to get the best reception. The show is focused on future-scoping and looking ahead so this is your chance to show how your catering organisation can add to cutting edge thinking to the passenger experience.

The buzz and excitement of a street festival setting branded within the hall, and support you to decorate your space with regional flag and decor reflective of the destination you choose. You’ll get extensive coverage in Onboard Hospitality magazine’s show review – including a company profile, and you’ll have the chance to showcase your business to the high calibre airline/airport delegates who attend FTE.

To be a part of the street festival contact craig.mcquinn@onboardhospitality.com. Please confirm which destination or destinations you would like to represent. As with most trade catering shows you will be required to agree to follow agreed hygiene/safety procedures when handling food

It is to create and present something engaging, inspirational and/or tasty while only having a limited access to cooking/hospitality facilities – just as airlines have limited access to cater onboard.

For further information contact: Onboard Hospitality: craig.mcquinn@onboardhospitality.com;
sue.williams@onboardhospitality.com; julie.baxter@onboardhospitality.com