June 25, 2024

Sproud’s new milk alternative

UK company, Sproud, is claiming a UK and European first with the launch of Sproud Unsweetened – a low-carbon footprint, pea-protein milk alternative.

Sproud Unsweetened can be used with cereals, in hot beverages and for cooking and comes with zero sugar.

The product is said to taste similar to semi-skimmed milk with the same level of vitamins and minerals as skimmed milk.

It has a natural creamy texture and neutral flavour, with a clean colour and is made from yellow split peas, a highly-sustainable plant-based milk protein source.

Peas use minimal water, land and carbon to be produced, but they are said to pack over three times the amount of protein than oat milk and five times the amount of almond milk.

Maria Tegman, head of brand at Sproud said: “Consumers are looking to eat and live smarter than ever before. Our new Unsweetened addition to the Sproud family supports the need for a health-focussed, plant-based lifestyle.

All Sproud products are vegan-friendly and free of allergens, including gluten and soy.