May 30, 2024

SPIRIANT makes a beeline for sustainability

SPIRIANT has joined forces with Honey Corn, a boutique natural and organic skincare brand, to create an amenity kit designed to support the bee population.

This is the latest initiative from SPIRIANT to create sustainable products and broker eco-friendly partnerships for airlines.

Honey Corn is a boutique, gender-neutral, skincare range made with natural and organic ingredients including bee products said to have potent anti-ageing properties and to promote healthy, supple skin.

As part of the company’s mission Honey Corn works towards establishing a network of beekeepers across the developing world, which in turn supports farmers to gain crop yields and financial stability. A British business, Honey Corn also supports the planting of wildflowers favoured by bees.

SPIRIANT is committed to developing sustainable products, not just for amenity kits, but across a range of onboard comfort, leisure and smart solutions, crew and service and premium products.