April 16, 2024

Space Balls from LesserEvil

LesserEvil, represented by US broker DFMi, has launched a new corn-based snack it calls Space Balls.

The ‘out of this world’ taste of its Interstellar Cheddar Space Balls comes from just three ingredients – organic ground yellow corn, organic avocado oil and organic vegan cheddar seasoning. 

LesserEvil also offers Himilayan Pink Salt-flavoured popcorn. It air pops organic butterfly popcorn, which it claims results in a noticeably light and fluffy popcorn. It then tumbles the popped corn in oils and sprinkles it with Himalayan pink salt.

LesserEvil is also partnering with NEO Plastics for its packaging, which is made from a film that will break down in landfill in just a few years, leaving behind only biogas. This biogas can then be collected and used as a renewable energy source.

Space Balls are USDA organic, non-GMO project verified, and gluten-free Certified.