March 3, 2024

Sous-vide under the spotlight in Paris with Cuisine Solutions

Sous-vide specialists Cuisine Solutions celebrated the seventh annual International Sous-Vide Day on January 26 in Paris, France.

To celebrate the innovative cooking technique, each year Cuisine Solutions celebrates its culinary innovations using sous-vide near the birthday of Dr Bruno Goussault (now 82 years old) – also known as the ‘master of modern sous-vide’.

Renowned sous-vide chefs Dr Bruno Goussault and Cuisine Solutions' Gerard Bertholon.
Cuisine Solutions’ Dr Bruno Goussault (left) and Chef Gerard Bertholon (right). ©HRVProd

Dr Bruno Goussault, Chief Scientist at Cuisine Solutions, has taught sous-vide cooking to star chefs and is estimated to have trained more than 80% of three Michelin star chefs in the world.

The 2024 International Sous-Vide Day was held at the Pavillon Élysée Té in Paris and featured a wide array of tastings and culinary demonstrations.

In parallel with this celebration, Cuisine Solutions also organised global events in Washington D.C., Bangkok and Rio de Janeiro.

During the Parisian event, Gérard Bertholon, Director of Strategy at Cuisine Solutions, welcomed journalists, partners and chefs and introduced them to the history and method of sous-vide cooking.

Guests were also invited to a round table moderated by columnist and chef Cyril Rouquet on the advantages and future of sous-vide.

The chefs from Cuisine Solutions then prepared sous-vide tastings from India and America, as well as iconic dishes of French cuisine such as Pot-au-Feau and veal fondant.