June 19, 2024

Snackboxtogo focuses on sustainable menus

Snackboxtogo is supporting onboard sustainability initiatives by using 100% recyclable options on all primary product packaging (within the set price points).

The move is part of on-going initiatives at the company to make its range more sustainable on many levels.

Besides packaging, it is also focused on the carbon footprint of product production, something that is less visible but equally important to a 100% sustainable onboard menu.

With this in mind, it has introduced a complete special meals line, which ticks all the allergy boxes and is estimated to be produced with 80-90% less CO2 emissions. The remaining emissions are off-set by financial support to nature-restoring projects worldwide.

The company continues to challenge supply chain and logistics sustainability with projects such as seen in its cashew nut range which is harvested, roasted and packed in Mozambique and shipped directly to Europe to reduce usual transport costs. 90% of the distributed profits on this project also go back to the local community building, for example, ‘sunshine houses’ for to support widows and orphans.