June 24, 2024

Snackbox To-Go adds on-trend vegan choices

Snackbox To-Go is turning its onboard focus onto the growing demand for vegan choices with two new savoury products in its range.

The vegan pocket, served freshly baked from the oven, is available in two flavours: Curry Humus and Broccoli Spinach Humus. The filling is encased in a rosti coating, pre-baked in sunflower oil and deep frozen. It is also suitable for halal, lactose-free and gluten-free diets.

The new vegan sausage roll is 100% meat free and presented as a handheld product in a carton which is 100% recyclable. It is currently flying on Ryanair and is suitable for halal and vegetarian diets too.

Jeroen Kosterman, owner at Snackbox To-Go, says: “I don’t think a shift to being completely vegan will happen in the ‘near’ future but I do think we all will become flexitarians sooner than we think. We must stop the thoughtless consumption of the past and make room for more environmentally-friendly and animal-friendly solutions. As a company, we have invested more and more in vegan options.”