April 15, 2024

SKYdeals adds Group Deals feature

SKYdeals had added a Group Deals feature to its suite of Inflight Shoppertainment services. This new feature aims to enrich the inflight retail experience and stimulate airline revenues.

Inflight Shoppertainment combines shopping with the fun of entertainment, turning flight time into an engaging, interactive retail journey. With the introduction of the Group Deals feature, SKYdeals continues to evolve its dynamic concept, previously offering unique features such as FlyOver Deals and FlashSales, and now taking inflight experiences to new heights.

Transforming inflight social dynamics

The Group Deals feature differs from the conventional retail experience by creating onboard communities. It allows passengers on the same flight to connect, form new friendships, and share the excitement of uncovering collective bargains. Whether they’re family, friends, colleagues, or part of a tour operator group, passengers can collaborate to access exclusive discounts.

Hypothetically a group of passengers on the same flight could team up via the platform to obtain a 50% discount on a product. The Group Deals feature can also extend to experiences – groups can secure deals on services like a luxury spa bookings at their destination, further enhancing their travel experience.

The Group Deals feature offers advantages to airlines by stimulating passenger interaction with their inflight shopping platform, leading to higher conversion rates and increased ancillary revenues. This translates into a boost in profitability while simultaneously enhancing passenger satisfaction.

For brands and vendors, the Group Deals feature presents an opportunity for increased product visibility and sales. With products and services showcased to a captive and engaged audience, this feature offers a unique environment for heightened brand awareness and customer acquisition.