March 2, 2024

Five of the best: Drinks with a difference

Say goodbye to basic beverages and embrace alternative soft drinks onboard. Here we detail five drinks...

Beet it

UK-based James White Drinks started producing non-alcoholic juices in 1989. Its Big Tom tomato juice is ideal for mixing Bloody Mary cocktails.

Made from organic beetroot juice, its nitrate-rich Beet It Sport shots are consumed by elite sportspeople.

Apple juice makes up 10% of the longer Beet It drink, removing the earthy flavour of beetroot. It is healthy, flavourful and refreshing.
Beet it with ginger is available for passengers who prefer an exotic twist.

Coco cabana

Coco Cabana Coconut Water is available in a range of sizes and its 320ml can is ideal for inflight service trolleys. High in vitamin C and low in calories, this refreshing beverage can be enjoyed by vegan passengers. Coconut water aids rehydration, making it ideal for consumption in an environment where people are prone to dehydration.

Ginger Rebel

The epitome of refreshing, Gunna’s ‘Ginger Rebel’ ginger lemonade offers an aromatic twist on classic lemonade. With a blend of lemon, lime, ginger and mint flavours, it promises a uniquely sweet, sour, bitter and spicy profile. One can is just 73 calories.

Cloudy apple

Apple drink is made with 51% fruit juice and sparkling water. It features the juice of pressed Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Gala and Braeburn apples. The cans carry natural fruit sediment and offer a refreshing and natural drink.

karma drinks

Not only are Karma’s range of drinks made with natural ingredients, proceeds from each can go to families in Sierra Leone, where the company works with the community to help deliver social and economic independence.