By Jessica Pook

Airlines keen to ease traveller stress, support wellbeing and calm their nervous passengers have a wealth of wellbeing products they can offer. Jessica Pook explores your options

The moment that ‘out of office’ message goes on, travellers should be nothing short of euphoric, but for nervous flyers an imminent flight can bring extreme stress and anxiety. The fear of flying, or aerophobia, is believed to affect one in ten of the population, and as airlines work to soothe the fears away there’s a growing range of products they can offer, specifically designed to relax travellers during and post flight, without reaching for the xanex.

Relax and unwind

Botanic Lab, for example, has developed its adaptogenic stress busters, a range of three tonics: one to be taken first thing, an afternoon pick-me- up and one for bedtime. The shots use ingredients found in Ayuredic and Chinese medicines which are designed to have a balancing effect on the body. Adaptogens use plant ingredients that offer strength and support to the adrenal glands, helping to regulate stress hormones and boost overall wellbeing.

To add a little sweetness, WellbeMed has created a chocolate bar designed to encourage sleep onset using only natural ingredients. The WellbeSLEEP bar contains a mixture of herbs, lemon balm, hops, along with oats and oat fibre, developed through research from the University of Lund in Sweden. Passengers are advised to have the snack 30 minutes before they want to go to sleep as the sleep-promoting effects only last for 60 minutes.

“It is well known that a lot of people find it hard to sleep onboard and the remedies used are not always that good for the body. WellbeSLEEP constitutes an alternative for those wishing to try something new,” says Victoria Lagnevik, managing director of WellbeMed. “Research suggested that lemon balm and hops had a sedative effect.”

Similarly, milk drink specialist Sleep Well has designed a naturally- enhanced UHT milk drink which encourages passengers to relax. Available in 200ml sip ‘ n’ sleep cartons, the drink is made using Jersey milk, valerian, honey and vanilla and has a long shelf life.

Onboard pick me up

Feeling groggy and fatigued can last long after a flight, but there are also products which can enhance the passenger experience by providing a general pick-me-up while en route. Uppy! – The genius flyer claims to strengthen the immune system and ensure passengers recover faster from jet lag. Made up of an oral rehydration solution, electrolytes and minerals, the tablet or sachets quickly dissolve in water and are already offered onboard all Emirates flights.Its latest launch is a flavoured energiser made from grapefruit and ginger with added caffeine.

Alternatively, FlyFit offer a range of shots and tablets to maintain wellbeing in the air. The FlyFit Flow tablets help to maintain a healthy blood flow using 100% natural ingredients, while the FlyFit hydration vitamin and mineral shots contain a range of B,C,E vitamins as well as specific balanced minerals (micro-nutrients) to reduce tiredness and fatigue, support a normal energy-yielding metabolism, help maintain proper brain function and protect cells from oxidative stress.

The shots are available as direct to mouth as well as a water soluble solution. Boudewijn van Eeghen at FlyFit says: “Airlines want to show that they really care about passenger wellbeing, it’s those little touches that encourage repeat custom.”

Matcha is a hot health trend and Chaadao tea brewers offers ceremonial grade Matcha made from 100% ground tea leaves. Matcha is rich in catechins, which act as natural antioxidants and can be calming. The L-Theanine also enhances mood and helps decrease stress levels. It’s also said to make skin look more youthful…where do I sign?