May 22, 2024

Seal Packaging introduces sustainable solution

Seal Packaging has introduced Infinity TopSeal, a revolutionary and sustainable solution for food delivery businesses and caterers.

In 2022 Seal Packaging was acquired by experienced industry professionals Kevin Curran and Sally Gabbitas as a vehicle to launch new ranges of innovative and sustainable packaging. Their stated aim is to help clients achieve net zero by ensuring the sustainability of its products’ raw materials, usage and end-of-life contributions to protecting the environment.

“At Seal Packaging, our mantra is ‘Packaging with Integrity’ and we are always seeking sustainable solutions which deliver as many operator and end-user benefits as possible,” said Curran.

Revolutionary packaging

“Infinity TopSeal is a truly revolutionary packaging solution which ticks so many boxes.

Available with single or double compartments, these microwavable fully recyclable trays keep food hotter for longer while staying cool to the touch. They weigh less than traditional sealable options – as the material they are made from is over 60% air – and they therefore have a low carbon footprint. In short, Infinity TopSeal from Seal Packaging represents the future of sustainable top-seal packaging for food-to-go,” added Curran.

Infinity TopSeal is a mono-material food service packaging solution and is therefore 100% recyclable. The tray is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), and the heat-sealable film lid is made from polypropylene film.

EPP was developed by Klöckner Pentaplast, a materials manufacturer which is headquartered in Luxemburg and has 31 facilities around the world.

Replacing expanded polystyrene

EPP is a sustainable replacement for expanded polystyrene (EPS), a material used to make takeaway food trays and clamshell burger boxes for many years. Many retailers have already ceased using EPS. Scotland banned catering packaging made from EPS in June 2022 and it will be banned in England from October 2023.

EPP has insulating properties and a low heat transfer rate, retaining heat inside the packaging while keeping the outside cooler to the touch.

As a plastic, this packaging is naturally water-resistant with no need for extra coatings or additives to keep it stable and robust to maintain food quality. It also offers best-in-class resistance to the acids, alkalis and hot oils found in many foods and sauces. This quality helps food retain heat and cuts down the risk of leakage and odour transfer.

Sealed at source, Infinity TopSeal also provides perfect tamper evidence, which guarantees food security and delivery integrity. It ensures hygiene and eliminates the potential for tampering or product loss during delivery.