May 22, 2024

Sea Change Wines targets cruise industry

Sea Change Wines is supporting marine conservation through its eco-friendly range of a white, red and rosé wines from France and a prosecco, two whites and two reds from Italy.

The labels, bottles and closures have all been made from materials chosen to minimise environmental impact and the business partners with charities such as Plastic Oceans UK, Sea Changers and the Olive Ridley Project to do further good. A percentage of all sales goes to charity and Sea Change is expecting donations to exceed £100,000 by the end of the year.

Toby Hancock, co-founder, said: “Our mission is to give wine-drinkers great tasting wines at affordable prices, that also contribute financially to marine conservation charities. It’s a logical choice for the cruise sector since it’s an easy way to show commitment to a very significant cause that is brought into sharp focus whilst cruising.

“Sea Change provides a wine choice that embraces a positive attitude whilst also tasting great,” Toby continues. “We also know that younger people aren’t entering the wine category due to alternatives and we hope that Sea Change will play a part in turning the tide on that too. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges the planet is facing today and one that every industry, including the wine industry, must take some responsibility for.”

Since launch, the brand has already raised £50,000 to support projects that help turn the tide on plastic pollution.