May 22, 2024

Flying with ‘Scootitude’

Scootitude - a unique cabin crew attitude - was rolled out as part of ScootPlus, the new Premium Economy concept in September 2019

Scoot’s goal was to provide a unique experience to passengers, offering not only impeccable service delivery, but more importantly, service with personality. The concept was to be unique and different from other low-cost carriers. It needed to be carried through from the brand livery to the cabin and service onboard. The aim was to be holistic.

Escape the Ordinary

Offered under the tagline: ‘Escape the Ordinary’, the concept sees Scoot guests being invited to unique inflight parties organised by the crew, known as the Scootees. These are events that get guests talking about the experience to their family and friends, and receive wide exposure through postings on social media. Experiencing Scootitude has become something for passengers to brag about, and to look forward to on future flights.

The concept focuses on the needs of guests who want to enjoy travelling in a premium cabin that brings value, spontaneous discovery, connections and fresh experiences. The ScootPlus cabin has extra leg room and offers a variety of food choices; plus the chance to experience Scootitude and be part of an inflight-themed party with performances and games led by the Scootees, and complemented by cabin mood lighting to suit the activities.

Empowering the Scootees

The innovative concept runs through several onboard touchpoints that require excellence in planning and execution. At the heart of it is the Scootee. Cabin crew members given the right tools, equipment and environment and empowered to exclusively initiate and execute inflight parties that enhance the customer experience.

A truly unique idea, Scootitude cuts across several customer touchpoints from the food, technology, cabin interior and lighting. At of the heart of these is the Scootee.

Interior style

ScootPlus leather seats offer extra leg room without extra cost. It is a premium economy cabin at a fraction of the usual price. Wifi is included and every seat has a power socket for guests to charge their devices.
There are four special cabin lighting scenes for when the Scootees get the parties started and show their stuff with dance performances, games or themed-parties in the cabin. The overwhelming favourite lighting option is the rainbow lighting.

Tech support

The Scootees are empowered through technology to deliver an efficient and more personalised level of service. Their tablets give them access to the information they need to complete their onboard duties, take guests’ orders, and record issues or problems encountered onboard for quick follow-up by ground staff. Guests can also provide their feedback using the same tablets. Guests’ feedback is sent directly to the Scoot Customer Service team. With this technology, administrative processes are simplified and the feedback addressed expediently. Scootees have more time to interact and engage with guests onboard instead of doing paperwork. In addition, there is now a data collection capability which provides great potential for using customer insights onboard. This will further enable the Scootee to personalise and customise their passenger interactions.

Service attitude

The Scootees have a unique attitude called Scootitude which makes them the agents who enable guests onboard to “Escape the Ordinary”, as promised in the tagline.

The Scootees offer spontaneous, fresh experiences to make guest interactions and journeys on Scoot enjoyable and different from other airlines. The type of inflight ‘parties’ vary on every flight. Hot favourites include wedding proposals, Valentine’s Day activities, Halloween horrors, Back to School commemorations and Christmas celebrations.

Foodie focus

ScootPlus guests can choose from over 17 meal selections, together with a choice of drink and a snack. The variety of meals showcase Singapore’s unique ethnic tapestry, ranging from Oriental, Indian, Western and also vegan options.

The Singapore ‘local’ emphasis continues with a tempting range of snacks which are skewed towards Singapore brands, offering guests many options from something light to the more substantial. Key to the service is that guests can request that their meals are served at any time after take-off.

Unique to Scoot, guests who wish to celebrate their birthdays or anniversaries or any special occasion, can pre-purchase a special cake. The Scootees will deliver the cake whilst offering guests a memorable celebration at 35,000ft!