June 26, 2024

SATS supports pandemic response efforts in Singapore

SATS has redeployed up to 500 volunteers to support Singapore’s nationwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Our volunteers play a key part in protecting public health and safety by taking on various roles such as contact tracing, facilitating public engagement on safe distancing measures, temperature screening at public facilities, and simple care provision in low-risk, basic care wards in hospitals. Said Li Lian Tan, Chief Human Capital Officer of SATS Ltd, ‘Our people find it deeply meaningful to safeguard public health during the pandemic in this way. At a time when aviation passenger volumes are very low, our people have the capacity, skills and experience to provide much needed support to the community.’

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat met SATS employees prior to their redeployment a visit to Changi Airport Terminal 3 and on Sunday morning, volunteers were also part of Temasek Foundation’s meaningful hashtag#BYOBclean initiative, connecting people to hashtag#stayprepared against hashtag#COVID-19. The team was also distributing free hand sanitizers to the public.

UK business Monty’s Bakehouse, now part of the SATS family, continues to distribute 700 hot meals to doctors and nurses at East Surrey NHS Hospital near their base south of London Gatwick Airport and is now also supplying Brighton hospital with some provisions too.