RMT Global Partners

Sweating the small stuff

September 27, 2017

RMT Global Partners is fast broadening its reach beyond the U.S. where it has been well-established for many years. Richard Tuttle explains how and why it is going for growth

Perhaps few onboard suppliers have their feet so firmly on the ground as RMT Global Partners. Rooted in hands-on airline experience, the team is highly focused on delivering products that work for both passenger and crew. While that might sound like a pretty obvious goal, it has driven a customer service philosophy that governs all that they do.

Founder Richard Tuttle explains: “I started my aviation career with Continental working on equipment design and gained a wealth of knowledge from flight attendants that has proved a great foundation for everything we do. We represent a very eclectic mix of products but they all have one thing in common – they work for the crew, and if a product works and the crew are happy, the passengers will be happy too.”

RMT’s portfolio ranges from stir sticks and pillows to ice scoops. Tuttle says: “We aren’t just interested in big and glamorous contracts, we like to sweat the small stuff too. The small stuff really matters and we just love to supply the equipment that is slightly under the radar. We like to take the challenge and work on it, then design something that really improves life onboard. By showing you can deliver the small things, you earn respect and a chance of earning bigger contracts too.”

The team has worked consistently with Delta and is particularly pleased with collaborations such as its tidy kit, which saw it reinvent the tools crew are given to clean the onboard lavatories inflight. Tuttle says: “Such a thing sounds small, but the impact of getting it wrong is huge. We gave the crew the tools to do the job painlessly, and that helps ensure they do a good job.”

The company also developed an innovative thermos which airlines, including Delta, Air France, KLM and Virgin America, use to keep soups hot at 140 degrees for up to 24 hours. RMT was also part of the United Polaris launch, supplying the dessert dishes, bowls and wooden presentation pieces such as pepper mills and tea boxes.

“The aviation industry works fast, it requires instant solutions and quick turnarounds. That is challenging and requires great people and processes that respond efficiently, intelligently and with attention to detail.”

The company has expanded in recent months, with Roland Standaert taking on the European and Middle Eastern markets, and it is looking to continue spreading its name in other areas.

“You have to have passion to stay the course in this business. You have to call and meet people, look them in the eye and demonstrate to the customer that what they have to say is important to you. It’s all about building relationships and matching products to their needs. We are not interested in just giving airlines a sales pitch; we want to discover how we can help them and you only discover that by listening, not talking.”