May 21, 2024

Rifkin Research launches travel health range

Dr Daniel Rifkin PhD has designed a range of travel health snacks and drinks to help passengers stay healthy and refreshed on long-haul journeys.

The range includes a popcorn bar, alcohol-free cocktail and bar nibbles.

The popcorn bar is drizzled with chocolate. The bar is infused with a proprietary travel health formula that includes the minerals Magnesium, Zinc & Iron to support jetlag.

The Italian zero alcohol and zero sugar cocktail aims to help increase hydration with added Vitamin C to boost immunity. 

Finally the range of bar nibble mixes aims to serve as a snack to help support restfulness.

The Rifkin Research range is designed to be low-cost, optimised for stowage and has wellbeing messages on all snack packets. It also aims to connect with passengers by developing exclusive “instagramable” brands that donate to local charities.