May 22, 2024

Reinventing the humble crisp

Polish food business, Merzdorf Fine Food, believes it is reinventing the crisp with an innovative new line of natural snacks made not from the traditional potato, but from chicken breast.

The company’s flagship product is called “in-flight” and is created from cuts of carefully selected chicken fillet which undergo a processes of maturation, then repeated cold smoking and finally freeze-drying.

The chicken pieces become crunchy, remain full of flavour and are offered in round-shaped pieces just like crisps. A combination of spices further enhances the taste. The foil seal pack keep the crisps fresh, crunchy and odour-less, ready to eat.

Postioned as a healthy and nutritious alternative for onboard services, ‘in-flight’ snacks are low in carbs and high in protein made purely from 99% chicken breast fillet and 1% spices, with no preservatives, chemical additives, GMOs, or gluten.

The freeze-drying process condenses the nutritional values so that for every 100g of finished product there are 400g of chicken fillet.

Joanna Berezowska, marketing manager, says: “We offer high-quality, natural products and do not use any chemical preservatives or artificial enhancers in our snacks. ‘The Healthy Way of Life’ is our motto and we want to raise awareness about the importance of healthy eating. Our snacks family has already won several awards and we believe it will make a great option for onboard service.”