Reinventing convenience

How to…reinvent convenient foods

June 20, 2018

The LSG Group launched a packaged products and convenience foods brand during WTCE. Alexandra Siokou, director global brand and marketing strategy, explains how and why

Go back to basics
We’re on a mission to change perceptions about packaged products and convenience foods and to ensure that with a fresh, creative approach, these stand apart from traditional airline catering.

We reviewed every boxed or sealed product in the group’s portfolio, across all brands and industries and nominated those best suited to come into the new brand. It was a long process, starting with international audits on everything and it included the creation of an enormous matrix of all the products we offer.

Focus on markets
We then worked out how best to position those products within a brand that would target our key markets. The goal was to offer a market independent brand relevant across sectors – air, rail and all retail. Each needs product choice, expert support and customised packaging to help them stand out.

Define your range
We took products and services from across LSG Group companies: Starfood, Oakfield Farms and Constance Food Group and brought them together to create a full range of ready-to-eat solutions covering bakery, hot meals, packaged salads, boxed meals, desserts, snacks, sandwiches and wraps. We drew on expertise from across the group to bring product creation, manufacturing, supply-chain management, product brokerage and licensing under one umbrella.

Choose a name
Evertaste is a B2B brand and may not show up in front of the consumer. Our customers can choose their own brand name, tailored to fit their usage and identity. The Evertaste name was chosen to convey our way of working, focusing on highest quality standards and flexibility and offering a full spectrum of convenience food products.

Add value
One of the key advantages of this process is that we have been able to integrate all the collective expertise of our established brands and make it easier for the brands to connect. Our teams have a much clearer understanding of who within the group is most knowledgeable about what, and there are much simpler ways for our customers to understand our offering and the support that goes with it.

• Evertaste sits along- side LSG Sky Chefs (catering and hospitality), Retail inMotion (onboard retail) and SPIRIANT (onboard equipment and logistics)
• The brand is working with 42 airlines, seven rail operators, 5,000 retail outlets across the US, and 4,000 retail outlets across Europe.
• The brand is present in 29 locations across 10 countries
• Worldwide the brand daily bakes 200,000 muffins and pastries