April 15, 2024

Recyclable in-cup drinks packaging solution

In-cup drinks specialist Brupac has started to use Greiner Packaging’s K3 cardboard-plastic packaging solution for its 12oz in-cup drinks range.

The K3 lightweight thermoformed tub uses up to 33% less polypropylene (PP) than a conventional direct-printed, thermoformed cup of the same size. The cup is wrapped with a cardboard outer layer, which can be produced with virgin or recycled board produced from sustainably managed forests.

Brupac Drinks & Machine Company director Tim Worthington talks about why the change was made and the advantages it brings.

“At a time when business owners have safety and hygiene at the top of their agenda, disposable in-cup drinks have many advantages. The alternative is to use crockery, spoons and containers, which can be handled by multiple people. Disposable in-cup drinks packaging represents a safer, more hygienic, more cost effective and more convenient solution.

“Brupac takes its environmental sustainability responsibility very seriously and we needed to know that our disposable products could be easily and efficiently recycled. That’s why we chose Greiner Packaging’s K3 plastic-cardboard solution.”