May 21, 2024

Punch Daadie to expand offering

Punch Daadie is looking to expand its rum punch offering around the globe.

The rum punch producer was present at this year’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair in London. Punch Daadie has set its sights on international markets, including the US, Africa and Australia. 

Its signature flavour is described as a “sweet yet spicy taste inspired from traditional Jamaican rum punch drinks.” Pineapple and grape flavours are set to be launched in the future, too. 

Co-founder Chris Danvers credits his father for the success of Punch Daadie, who started making rum punch in the ‘70s at work events in Jamaica. After moving to the UK in the ‘90s, his father continued to make his signature rum punch at family occasions and events. That’s when Chris and his friend-turned-business-partner came up with the idea to introduce his family’s Caribbean-inspired rum punch to the market.

Punch Daadie was finally launched in 2020 from Chris’s father’s kitchen, with the help of a government-backed start-up loan.

“We would like to provide an authentic and original Caribbean rum punch for customers and guests of cruise ships and commercial airlines to enjoy alongside your usual offering of wine, beer and traditional spirits,” said Chris Danvers.

“There is limited access to ready-to-drink Caribbean-inspired rum punch in the hospitality and retail sector. Punch Daadie’s sweetness and hints of spice appeal to new consumers, as well as seasoned rum drinkers who are looking to add some intrigue to their tipple.”