May 29, 2024

Plaudits for Taste of Travel

Onboard Hospitality was pleased to partner with WTCE in Hamburg to create a series of inspiring and thought-provoking sessions at the Taste of Travel Theatre. Our great thanks to Jo Austin for pulling the sessions together, and to all participants and moderators. We hope you enjoyed them. We love to hear your feedback…

“It was great to be back in Hamburg again, and to see so many friends of the industry. A time to reconnect in person”. – Ariane van Mancius  Now|New|Next 

“It was my pleasure to be part of the collaboration in sustainability session, I enjoyed it!” – Jon Godson, Assistant Director Sustainability,  IATA 

“I think the Onboard Hospitality team for all your support during the event, it is much appreciated.” – Valentina Dalle Mule, Export Area Manager Airlines, BOTTEGA S.p.A. 

“I appreciated the opportunity to join the panel and the excellent moderation. Now I am looking forward to next time.” – Michael Raesch, CEO, Omnevo 

“I had a such great time! Lively debate, is the only way to progress.” – Maryann Simson, Jetway Communications 

“It was really great to have been part of Taste of Travel and I’m glad it worked well – especially in this recovery year.” – Philippa Cresswell, Avanti West Coast 

“Really enjoyed the recruitment session and learned a lot on how we should position our sector and its appeal.” – Robin Padgett, DSVP Catering,  dnata 

“Thanks for involving us, it was a great moment.” – Marc Starke, Newrest 

“Ours was a fun session and we really enjoyed taking part and seeing what other industry players present.” – Augustin Scott de Martinville, Director, Clip Ltd 

“A very good session.” – Philippe de Naeyer, gategroup 

“I certainly enjoyed participating and I do hope the audience took away some valuable insights from the session.”  – Samuel Blank, Design Director, Buzz Products 

“We really enjoyed being part of it!” – Alison Wells, Managing Director, PlaneTalking 

“Great to take part in interesting conversations with fellow panellists and I look forward to future sessions.” – Audrey Hart, Senior Manager – Inflight Services Food, Beverage & Ancillaries, Virgin Atlantic 

“Thanks to all for a great event.” – Bill Carrejo, Director of Sustainable Operations, Linstol 

“A great concept, and very apt to the current times. You always come up with great and fun sessions for the Taste of Travel and it only improves each year. Looking forward to the next one, we will certainly be willing to participate!” – Manoj Pridhanani, Chief Design Office and Head of Sustainability, Kaelis Group 

“We really enjoyed taking part in our session and look forward to seeing you again next year!” – Irina Udaltsova, Head of Sales Department, AK-Service Group of companies