February 3, 2023

Planet Action Group

Onboard sustainability is fast moving up the travel agenda. It is time for serious industry-wide action and radical thinking. To this end we are pleased to welcome key innovators and thought leaders on this topic to our Get Onboard Now! Planet Action Group.

Contributing to the group to push the sustainability agenda forward will be

Anne De Hauw, of IN Air Travel Experience and The Hayward Partnership, representing the International Aviation Waste Management Association (IAWMA)

Matt Crane, founder of the Aviation Sustainability Forum, CEO of Monty’s Bakehouse and Group Head of Innovation for SATS in Singapore

Ariane van Mancius, Now New Next

Alison Wells, Plane Talking Products

Caroline Thomson, CST Solutions

Sarah Klatt-Walsh, Sarah Klatt Consulting

Marc Warde, Niche Free-from Kitchen/ Libero Special Meals

This Action Group is the first of three to be created as part of our Get Onboard Now! Campaign designed to push quality, thoughtful onboard hospitality provision back up the agenda.

The group will seek to re-engage the sustainability debate around the value and urgent need for sustainable hospitality, drawing on global trends, on-going research, and insights from other sectors to help drive hospitality into a new era onboard.

“Only by coming together and sharing knowledge do we stand a chance of solving such a complex problem”

Supporting the campaign and first Action Group, Matt Crane, of Monty’s Bakehouse, said: “Only by coming together and sharing knowledge do we stand a chance of solving such a complex problem. By doing so we will create a new model and stand proud in the knowledge that our industry put competitive agendas behind us and came together as one to play our part to improve our planets future.

“The key to positive sustainability change in this area is collaboration. Uniquely our industry knows exactly what is placed on every commercial flight and to a large degree what comes off it. We have to find ways to align on what should be the environmental credentials of that inventory and agree sensible waste management practices that consider the improvements in waste processing that should be a logical trigger for waste regulation and practice change.

Onboard Hospitality will provide the forum for debate and the oxygen of publicity to initiatives and innovation identified by the Action Group and share with the onboard industry worldwide.

The wider Campaign will seek to identify and promote best practice processes and solutions that support quality passenger experiences and airline profitability across three key themes:

People – the talent and skills needed to deliver best hospitality
Planet – sustainability in onboard products/catering/supply chain
Profits – emerging revenue streams and digitalization

Watch this space for the names of those joining the People and Profits Action Groups too.

Get involved

We want to hear from you.

If you are an air, rail, cruise or ferry operator with specific needs in these areas – come forward and share the issues with peers and help develop thought leadership on the solutions you require.

If you are a supplier with needs or solutions in these areas, step up to the campaign, share your research, ideas and solutions, and help spearhead recovery.

Email your ideas and expressions of interest in supporting the campaign and Action Group to julie.baxter@onboardhospitality.com

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