July 25, 2024

Passenger Experience Conference returns to Hamburg in May

The Passenger Experience Conference (PEC) will return to Hamburg Messe on Monday 27 May. Focusing on how to elevate onboard environments, services, and the experience for airline passengers, the first details of this year’s programme have been revealed.

The conference will bring together experts and visionaries from airlines, airframers, OEMs, the global supply chain and design organisations to discuss the conference’s overarching theme, ‘Innovating tomorrow’s travel experiences’.

Experts from Air Canada, Airbus, Orson Associates, Gen Phoenix, Doy Design, Flying Disabled, Omnevo, Delta Air Lines, Boeing, Icelandair, and more will be envisioning how to solve the frustrations and respond to the needs of the new cohorts of travellers who will be flying into the next decade. 

Attending delegates can join thought-provoking discussions and panels, uncover emerging and exclusive insights regarding future direction for passenger experiences, and help evolve the vision for the cabin of the future.

Three themes

The 2024 edition of PEC will feature three streams, discussing the changes to the passenger experience already in progress, how air travel experience should fit within collaborative and connected ecosystems, and how to maximise the efficiency of delivering a future seamless passenger experience.

The first stream, ‘Future Now’, will create an open discussion for delegates to review initiatives already underway which look to gain traction. The sessions will cover current and changing industry standards, the influential role that AI and other tools will have over the next ten years, and approaches to manufacturing and the supply chain that offer the real possibility of achieving systemic change. Discussions will serve perspectives from the end-to-end supply chain, aimed at opening the door to improved travel experiences and new ways of doing business.

Speaking in the ‘Future Now’ sessions, aviation accessibility experts Christopher Wood, Flying Disabled, and Roberto Castiglioni, Reduced Mobility Rights, will join a representative from Boeing to discuss initiatives improving the inflight experience for travellers with disabilities.

Nico den Ouden, Chief Innovation Officer and GM seating at Gen Phoenix, Gary Doy, Founder and Managing Director at Doy Design, and Sabeti Wain Aerospace will explore how airlines and seat manufacturers can rethink traditional processes to pioneer sustainability and redesign aviation’s circular future.

Other confirmed speakers for ‘Future Now’ include, Michael Raasch, Chief Executive Officer, Omnevo; Kolbrun Ýr Jónsdóttir, Product Manager Inflight Service & Experience, Products & Service Management, Icelandair; and Kevin Clark, CEO Bluebox Aviation who will be joining a conversation on the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionise inflight experiences.

The next stream, ‘Future Connected’ will prompt industry leaders to re-evaluate the role of air travel within an integrated and connected transport ecosystem and how it meets the needs of passengers who already expect to manage their lives – and their travel – from their mobile devices.  This stream will look at how aviation can navigate the ever-competitive travel landscape, how data and technology can ease the way and create opportunity, as well as how innovations across different travel systems can inspire fresh ideas.

Joining the programme, Maruan El Mahgiub, Vice President, Mormedi, will present the challenges and opportunities of data sharing in aviation. Other confirmed companies set to join discussions at ‘Future Connected’ include AIX exhibitors Expliseat, Lilium and Tangerine.

The final stream, ‘Future Efficient’, will provide fresh perspectives on the initiatives step-changing the aviation industry. Delegates can examine how airlines and supply chain partners can boost profits, streamline processes, and reduce costly wastage while delivering desirable value and quality of experience to passengers.

Leading discussions on lowering the resource footprint of the passenger experience sector, Matt Crane, Founder, Aviation Sustainability Forum, and experts from the Green Cabin Alliance will take the stage.

PEC will provide all attendees with unmissable opportunities to collaborate with the entire industry, including senior airline decision-makers, designers, engineers, specifiers, manufacturers, and more from every corner of the globe across seminars and networking breaks. Commencing the day before the doors of Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) and World Travel Catering and Onboard Services (WTCE) open, the conference marks the beginning of a week dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge advances in the aircraft interiors and passenger experience community.

Polly Magraw, Event Director, Aircraft Interiors Expo and World Travel Catering and Onboard Services commented: “The industry is at the crucial precipice of revolutionising the passenger experience to shift expectations, integrate advanced IFEC technology, and meet sustainability targets. PEC will once again stand as the beacon that attracts industry thought leaders and decision makers to shape the future of passenger experience ahead of AIX and WTCE. This year’s approach will encourage delegates to contribute to the engaging discussions to transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s business opportunities.”

For more information and to register your interest to attend Passenger Experience Conference, visit: passengerexperienceconference.com/reg.

For more information and to register to attend Aircraft Interiors Expo, at no extra cost, visit: aircraftinteriorsexpo.com/reg.