Focus on Orvec

Sealing the deal

May 23, 2018

Textiles manufacturer Orvec is cutting the cost of production with a revolutionary new technique that can seal fabric edges without hemming. Julie Baxter discovers more

As a market leader in the design, supply and manufacture of woven and non-woven products to the airlines, Orvec has a long track record in innovation and product development. But as it incorporates a new Orvec Middle East division and steps up the promotion of its new Luna Linen range, the spotlight has turned to a new production technique set to cut costs and increase product life cycle.

Being used on a range that includes napkins, table cloths, pillow covers, blankets and duvets, the new techniques seals fabric edges quickly and effectively in a way that withstands intensive industrial laundry processes and outperforms traditional hemmed edges.

An efficient, automated process using cutting-edge science reduces costs of production, purchase and long term ownership, while at the same time ensuring a minimalist and sleek appearance for the product with a lighter weight. It requires less fabric per item as there is no requirement for the usual hemmed edge, and it also significantly cuts labour costs. Rate of production is 20 times as fast as the normal hemmed manufacturing process.

Extensive testing has shown the product will perform better than traditional hemmed products, particularly in the drying process and when being pressed as the whole surface is flat.

Orvec has already had initial orders and now has significant interest from global carriers located in the UK and APAC regions. It has manufacturing facilities in Hull (UK), Xiamen (China) and Charlotte (USA), and most recently opened facilities in Dubai (UAE).

Kevin Stamp, managing director, said: “This unique finishing process is something we have been focused on developing for some years. Our goal is to keep evolving the product and service we offer, gaining inspiration from our ongoing research and development programmes and investing further in our in house manufacturing capabilities. We are committed to continually investing in our manufacturing facilities with a longer term strategy to have efficient and cost effective manufacturing capabilities at each of our strategic locations around the world.“ •