July 21, 2024

Onboard Hospitality Podcast: Scott Muncaster, Managing Director of Three Rocks

Scott Muncaster became the Managing Director of three rocks in 2023, following the merger of his former company Adactus Ltd and Six Sevens Solutions Ltd, a leading data solutions firm. three rocks has over 50 years of collective experience in designing bespoke technology solutions driven by data collection and analysis, which enhance consumer, employee, and user experiences.  

A people-first tech company, three rocks combines experience within hospitality, data services, and software development and implementation to bring a more effective way of delivering technology to the hospitality industry and wider business sector.  Offering a totally modular experience management system, businesses can create a complete end-to-end CX solution that connects the customer and user journey and transforms their business. Solutions include digital booking systems, self-service kiosks, restaurant order management solutions, and CRM and data analysis processes.  

Prior to becoming the Managing Director of three rocks, Scott developed customer ordering and fulfilment solutions at Marks & Spencer, before switching to the restaurant sector with Pizza Hut. There, he led development of the brand’s first online ordering service – which now accounts for more than 70% of sales. He then served as a consultant to several national restaurant groups. 

Scott, alongside his two business partners at three rocks (Matthew Rawlins, CTO and Andrew Kaplan Chief Data Officer), founded three rocks having previously worked together at national restaurant chain, Pizza Hut. The three heads realised that a merger would be the most impactful way to bring the skills of both Adactus Ltd and Six Sevens Solutions together to turbo-charge the skills, knowledge and experience of both brands, and enable three rocks to create a brand new, joined-up customer experience offering to its customers.   

Scott’s LinkedIn can be viewed here. 

More information on three rocks can be found here.

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