July 21, 2024

Onboard Hospitality Awards 2024 open for entries

Celebrating a decade of excellence. Entries close February 7 2024.

The Onboard Hospitality Awards 2024 are now open for entries for the tenth year running.

In the ever-evolving world of travel, the role of onboard hospitality is more vital than ever. The Onboard Hospitality Awards in 2024 represent a major milestone, the tenth year of the prestigious awards. We invite you to join us in honouring excellence and innovation in an industry which is constantly soaring to new heights. 

These awards are a testament to the unwavering commitment of countless individuals and organisations dedicated to enhancing the passenger experience. For a decade, we have been at the forefront of recognising the achievements and contributions of people and companies continuously striving to elevate air, rail, ferry and cruise travel into truly memorable journeys. 

Entries close February 7 2024.

Air New Zealand Won GOLD in Cabin Concept of the Year 2023

Awards that truly matter 

In a world rich with recognitions and accolades it is crucial to identify the awards that truly matter, the ones that hold genuine significance within an industry. The Onboard Hospitality Awards are that beacon of excellence.  

The accolades stand as a symbol of relentless innovation, dedication and the constant pursuit of improving the onboard experience. 

“When we first launched the Onboard Hospitality Awards in 2014, we knew their success was reliant on transparency and integrity,” says Sue Williams, Publisher of Onboard Hospitality magazine. “The Awards also needed to highlight the creativity of our industry.

“The only way to ensure this was to invite our readership to vote who should win and to have that voting endorsed by a panel of highly respected international judges. Our judges would also be able to put forward any outstanding products they felt had not been selected.”

Our commitment to excellence extends not only to the awards themselves but also to the meticulous judging process which ensures the highest level of integrity and fairness. Each entry undergoes rigorous evaluation by a panel of independent experts who are selected because of their knowledge and good standing within the industry.  

Our independent judging process is a key factor in ensuring that receiving one of the Onboard Hospitality Awards is a benchmark both of quality and innovation. 

Entries close February 7 2024.

Kaelis has picked up numerous awards over the years for its amenities, comfort and serviceware items

NEW FOR 2024: More categories

This year we have expanded our categories to include:


Amenities – First 

Amenities – Business 

Amenities – Premium Economy 

Amenities – Economy/ LCC


Textiles – Wearable 

Textiles – Onboard 

New to industry 

Ones to watch



Menus/ Meals

Beverage – Alcoholic 

Beverage – Non-alcoholic 

Catering Innovation of the Year

Multiple touchpoints 



Young Travellers







Service equipment: Passengers 

Service equipment: Crew

Learn more about the categories here. Not sure which category to enter? Contact Sue Williams sue.williams@onboardhospitality.com

Entries close February 7 2024.

Iberia won BRONZE in last year’s Cabin Concept of the Year category

Cabin Concept of the Year 2024

The Cabin Concept of the Year 2024 Award has opened for entries with three new categories for 2024.

Airlines can now choose to enter the Full-Service Airline Cabin Concept of the YearLow-Cost Airline Cabin Concept of the Year, and the Private Jet Cabin Concept of the Year.

The winner will have implemented a significant onboard project which spans at least TWO of the following elements of the passenger experience – the more the better! 

  • Service/Crew – new training initiative/uniform/livery/branding 
  • Catering – menu/service/delivery style/tableware 
  • Technology – apps/entertainment/connectivity/logistics/analytics 
  • Interior design – seat/decor/styling/lighting/colours 
  • Comfort – amenity kits/seat fabric/bedding range/wellbeing programmes 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility elements – waste management/sustainability policy/accessibility

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Craig McQuinn: craig.mcquinn@onboardhospitality.com

Entries for Cabin Concept of the Year close February 28 2024.