July 12, 2024

Omnevo and Icelandair collaborate on EPOS system

Omnevo has collaborated with Icelandair to deploy a cutting-edge Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system. The new onboard EPOS devices have several key features that help improve Icelandair’s operational efficiency, customer service and sustainability.

The devices communicate via Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth, resulting in a more stable and efficient connection for seamless operations. Additionally, crew members benefit from real-time information about inventory levels onboard, for better management and decision-making.

The integration has led to improved customer service through the introduction of combination options, loyalty payments, a seat map for pre-ordered meals and an allergen filter that helps crew guide customers. Additionally, passengers have the option of paying onboard with loyalty points, offering further benefits for frequent flyers. 

Icelandair EPOS terminal from Omnevo.
Icelandair EPOS terminal from Omnevo.

The EPOS device includes a built-in printer for inventory management, simplifying crew operations and ensuring a more streamlined inflight experience.

Back-end operational efficiency has been improved as the integration eliminates pen-and-paper back-office operations, replacing them with digital tablets. Additionally, catering staff can now make loading changes up to three hours before departure, providing greater flexibility and efficiency.

Omnevo, established in 2021 and headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, specializes in providing next-level digital ancillary revenue and operations empowerment for mobility and hospitality providers, including airports, airlines, and rail operators. Omnevo’s modular solutions, built on a highly scalable architecture, offer a comprehensive portfolio of adaptable features, enabling providers to regain control of their omnichannel retail customer engagement.

Omnevo was established in 2021 and is headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany. The company specialises in providing next-level digital ancillary revenue and operations empowerment for mobility and hospitality providers.

Omnevo and Icelandair insights

Peter Coelho, Chief Operating Officer at Omnevo, said: “Working closely with Icelandair on this transformative initiative has been a rewarding experience for the Omnevo team. Our goal is to empower airlines with advanced digital solutions that streamline operations and elevate the passenger experience. The success of this collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to drive innovation within the aviation industry.”

Íris Anna Groeneweg, Manager Onboard Services and Procurement at Icelandair, highlighted the positive impact relating to the airline’s sustainability efforts: “Pre-order and fresh item forecasting allow for efficient waste management, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. The collaborative efforts with Omnevo have not only improved our operations, our crew and passenger experience onboard but also contributes to our environmental initiatives.”

The partnership between Omnevo and Icelandair aims to revolutionise inflight services while showcasing Omnevo’s commitment to advancing the digitalisation of airline operations and enhancing the overall passenger experience.

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