March 2, 2024

Oman Air debuts new Amouage amenity kits

Amouage has revealed new bespoke amenities created exclusively for Oman Air, inspired by the history of the sultanate.

Available for guests in premium cabins, each set is created in partnership with Buzz and offers an assortment of skincare products including hand and body lotion, facial moisturiser and lip balm.

First class guests will enjoy the Amouage fragrances Epic Man and Epic Woman. These scents are inspired by the Silk Road and the history of the Sultanate of Oman in regard to spice and incense trade routes.

The women’s First class set is presented in an elongated bag in a sandy hue while the men’s is in a cocoa-coloured toiletry bag with contrasting handles and stitching. Both sets’ designs are inspired by the natural shades of Oman’s landscapes.

Business Class sets are provided in a unisex folio-style kit with a light cashmere colour. They contain the Amouage perfume Meander, which captures Salalah’s monsoon season.

All First and Business class sets come with additional items that include an eye mask, a hand cleansing gel, mouthwash and 3M earplugs. / /