July 21, 2024

Novel Food adds dips and boxed solutions

Ambient snack food specialist Novel Foods has created a new range of dips and spreads, and is focusing on its range of snack box solutions for airlines.

The new spread recipes include Pistachios & Black Garlic, Tomato & Almond, along with Novel’s classic range, Authentic Salsa, Black Olive Tapenade, and Smoked Salmon and Cream.

The range is designed to offer a fresh twist to snack packs and bring an an ‘exotic dimension’ to snack box service. Novel’s Classic Houmous has also been re-formulated to enhance it as an authentic dipping experience.

Novel’s dips and spreads are available in portioned pods of 25g to 50g.

The company is also offering a comprehensive range of snack boxes, tailored to be convenient, attractive and filling. The solutions include an array of snack and drinks options such as the new spreads, free-from foods, drinks as well as serviettes and hand sanitisers.

The box design, and the content, can be tailored to suit each airline customer and contain anything from a simple two-component dip and cracker offering to fully-inclusive multi-component meal-packs. The goal is to provide flexible core products that can be tailored into a package that best suits an airline’s needs and serving style.

For more information and samples contact info@novel-foods.co.uk