June 25, 2024

Newrest wins recognition in Peru

Newrest Peru has been recognised as a Socially Responsible Company by Perú Sostenible, an organisation auditing business behaviours.

The audit done annually recognises socially responsible companies in the country by assessing 115 indicators related to governance, environment, work with communities, ethics and diversity.

Identified strong point within the Newrest Peru set up included:

• Growing the local Andean population through employment

• Training teams

• Promoting relationships with local associations to promote employment (inclusion)

• Strengthening relationships with universities

• Developing local suppliers for fruit and vegetables in the Andean zone

• Encouraging gender equality

• Ensuring ethics and transparency in purchasing and tendering processes

CSR has become an integral part of Newrest’s operations and strategic decisions through its Be The Change commitment setting goals and adopting actions that will make a real-life impact.

The group’s growth strategies are built around: the fight against food waste; waste reduction and recovery; responsible purchasing; reducing its carbon footprint, and a strong commitment to our employees.

The values are set out in a charter and concrete actions are reported in the company’s annual CSR report.