May 30, 2024

New vegan maple bacon flavour Mini Pop!

Popcorn Shed has added Mini Pop! Maple Bacon to its range of vegan-friendly popcorn snacks.

It claims the new flavour has ‘deep smoky, salty bacon cutting through the deliciously sweet notes of maple syrup’, giving the Maple Bacon flavour a ‘luxurious depth of sweet and savoury’.

Popcorn Shed’s Mini Pop! range is the first fully vegan popcorn line in the UK, and is gluten-free. It uses a white pure grain of corn that pops to around ½ the size of regular popcorn.

This makes the kernels small with a thinner hull than regular popcorns, that break up on popping and virtually disintegrate when chewed.

The range is available in six flavours, including Sweet & Salty, Toffee, Salted, Salt & Vinegar and White Truffle and Maple Bacon.