June 18, 2024

New gourmet crisps from Rustle Chips

Rustle Chips has launched in the UK, bringing a range of gourmet flavours to the crisp market.

Rustle was founded by respected foodies Julian Dyer (Founder of Pots & Co) and design and brand experts Marc Phelps and Niki Turner.

Available in single-server 28g packets (as well as larger sizes), the crisp range currently included three chef-inspired flavours: The Ugly Truffle, The Sweet Pepper and The Green Chilli.

The Ugly Truffle flavour features wild black truffles individually snuffled-out by the noses of specially trained truffle dogs in the Istria region in Croatia.

The Sweet Pepper flavour offers a blend of sweet and smoky Hungarian paprika, while The Green Chilli combines fresh flavours of Mexican green jalapeños to deliver a crisp with a spicy kick.

Rustle Chips are produced in Croatia using Opal and Lady Claire Potatoes which are grown locally in the water-rich region. They are cooked in 100% sunflower oil and fried at a lower temperature to ensure the potatoes absorb less oil, preserving their delicate flavour, colour and texture. Rustle then tumble its chips through the flavouring blends.