July 25, 2024

New Cocohagen product line for retail sales

Cocohagen, the Copenhagen-based company which produces plant-based truffles that are gluten-free and lactose-free as well as free from added sugar, palm oil, preservatives and additives, has introduced a new product line to target onboard retail opportunities.

“We have a new product line which is double the size of our complimentary products with 40-gram bar-shaped Cocohagen products for retail,” said Asbjørn Diemer, the founder and owner of Cocohagen. “It is still organic and still 100% plant-based, gluten-free and lactose-free. It ticks all the right boxes.”

“One thing we experienced since last year is that you have the complimentary but retail is important. Previously we put all our effort into complimentary hospitality but from now on we will also focus on having a really cool, suitable retail product,” said the Dane.

Over the past few months, the Denmark-based company has extended its range of plant-based cocoa truffles.

“The past year has been amazing,” said Diemer during the 2024 edition of WTCE. “We’ve met a lot of airlines who recognised us from last year and it’s been really positive. We’ve been building on the positive reaction we experienced last year.”

Cocohagen first exhibited at WTCE in 2023 and afterwards started supplying Airbus in Germany with its own branded snacks.

Meetings held at the 2023 show are continuing to bring in business a year later, revealed Diemer at the 2024 show: “Yesterday we got our first purchase order from Icelandair, who we met last year. That is a positive result directly from WTCE.”