May 30, 2024

New burgers from The Vegetarian Butcher

The Vegetarian Butcher has launched a quarter pounder Raw NoBeef Burger and a Crispy NoChicken Burger which is coated in a crispy crumb for added crunch.

The brand claims it is ‘made for meat lovers, by meat lovers’ and takes inspiration from traditional butcher’s cuts. Made for vegans, flexitarians and meat-eaters alike, the ‘meat successors’ aim to appear just like the meat alternative.

These products are designed to make it easy for kitchens to make the switch to plant-based without sacrificing on flavour.

Fikerte Woldegiorgis, foods marketing director, Unilever UK & Ireland, comments: “Chefs know that times are changing and while many people still enjoy the experience of meat they are also a lot more conscious in their eating habits and aware of their impact on the planet, a trend only accelerated by COVID. Our two new launches, which have been purposefully created for hospitality and foodservice alongside the rest of The Vegetarian Butcher’s line-up have been introduced to make it easier for chefs to make the switch to plant-based without sacrificing quality, taste or profit.

“To help them grow their meat-free offering with confidence, we also offer support through recipe and menu inspiration, showing them how to replicate their best-selling dishes with meat free alternatives that taste and look just as good as the ‘real thing’.”