June 19, 2024

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods launches new congee pots

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods has launched a new congee range.

The savoury instant rice porridges feature two flavours: Original Congee Rice Porridge and Chicken Congee Rice Porridge

Mr Lee’s congee is low in both sugar and fat and all-natural. The two different varieties are gluten-free and made with a blend of four styles of grains.

The Chicken Congee Rice Porridge flavour is made with pieces of 100% real chicken meat and the Original Congee Rice Porridge is vegan.

“We couldn’t be happier to enter the convenience rice porridge sector. This launch allows us to bring our instant congee to the world in a healthy and convenient format,” stated Damien Lee, CEO and founder of Mr Lee’s Pure Foods.

“I grew up eating it, but typically it takes hours of cooking at home to make a perfect Congee. We’ve made it to be ready in just four minutes and in a convenient cup format. Our instant congee helps time-poor people eat better, perfect for those who lead hectic lifestyles.”

Congee (also called konji, conjee, 粥, juk, jok and jook) is a traditional pan-Asian staple food recipe. The dish stands out for its versatility as it can be served in many different forms.