July 14, 2024

Monty’s Bakehouse donates over 1.3 million snacks and meals

Through its work to help the homeless, the vulnerable and families affected by the pandemic, Monty’s Bakehouse’s continued efforts in donating food to local and global causes has now surpassed 1.3 million hot snacks and meals.

Matt Crane, CEO of Monty’s Bakehouse, was interviewed on BBC Radio Surrey to celebrate the news and raise awareness of some of its key local charities such as Merstham Mix Café and Renewed Hope Trust.

Matt discussed the opportunity Monty’s had to redirect food destined to passengers within the aviation industry to initiatives such as feeding NHS staff members, as well as working with multiple local and national charities to reach as many families as possible. He mentions that it’s been an “eye-opener” for the business, as more and more families are seeing a drop in their income and are now having trouble keeping food on the table for their families.

One charity partner in particular who are only down the road from Monty’s is Merstham Mix Café. It offers wholesome meals to the local community, averaging around 50 meals a day and have now served over 10,000 meals with the help of donations since March last year. In January and February of 2021, the charity has served 350 meals a week to its local community members. Of those meals, Monty’s products have been included in meals four out of the seven days a week, equalling in the business helping to serve around 800 meals within this one charity alone.