July 12, 2024

Mirus Aircraft Seating introduces new test facility

Mirus Aircraft Seating has debuted a new test facility in Norfolk, UK.

The 407 square metre facility has been added to the aircraft seating manufacturer’s 3,800 square metre head office in Hingham, Norfolk.

Called M-Test, the new space will provide the capacity to certify new products for airworthiness, without ever leaving the factory.

“Mirus invested in M-Test not only to increase the throughput of testing for themselves but also to deliver a solution for increased demand for sled testing within the UK itself. One of the main benefits is developing our team within Mirus. It’s given our team a broader scope of design and capabilities of the product they are looking at. Being on Mirus’ doorstep, it aids us in not having to ship parts worldwide to do testing, reducing our carbon footprint,” said Martin Shaw, Test Facility Manager at Mirus.

Designs will be optimised to feed innovation, reduce weight and improve sustainability. Immediate access to the facility will also cut lead times.

As well as housing the latest aircraft technology, Mirus Aircraft Seating has the largest commercially available dynamic testing facility in the UK.

The aircraft seating manufacturer uses a 30-metre-long test sled to simulate real-world crash scenarios.