May 29, 2024

Minor Figures sees over 357% growth

Fast growing diary alternative start up Minor Figures has experienced over 357% growth in the past year with total oat milk sales doubling.

The cold brew and oat m*lk specialist has developed an organic oat m*lk for professionals made with quality ingredients for use in both barista style coffess and tea, smoothies or on morning cereal.

Stuart Forsyth, co-founder and CEO of Minor Figures, comments: “Our Regular and Organic Oat M*lks have been designed to pair perfectly with great tasting coffee. We’re all coffee people, and wanted to reflect that by creating a product that would allow baristas to heighten their customers’ own coffee-drinking experience. The desire for decent dairy-free is huge, and only getting bigger, with café customers choosing oat in and out of home. We’ve rightly built a reputation for quality, and now Minor Figures is proud to add two SKUs to Waitrose’s alt m*lk offering”.

The product is dairy free, contains no added sugar, is suitable for vegans and nut allergy sufferers. It is made in the UK.

Also in the range is a ready to drink coffee – Black; Mocha; Latte; and new Chai Latte; a CBD Tincture – Peppermint; Ground and Whole Bean Double Origin Coffee; Barista-Quality Oat M*lk 1L & NEW Organic Oat M*lk 1L; Chai Concentrate 1L.