June 19, 2024

Meiko rolls out trolley washer

Meiko has introduced a single-chamber trolley washer for inflight catering.

Designed to accommodate 5,000-10,000 meals per day, the new machine is available in two models: TF-L and TP-L. Both can clean full- and half-sized trolleys onboard. 

The hygiene technology company hopes to address challenges faced aloft, such as time pressure, hygiene, lack of space, low staff numbers and pressure to work even more efficiently.

Complete with a Thermolabel functionality, the new washer can clean up to two trolleys at a time. This is equivalent to 40 trolleys per hour, including drying. 

Water consumption is 5 litre per trolley and one single washer uses less than 4m² of space.

It is also equipped with front- and through-loading options and can be fitted using a pit or ramp.

A blue operating concept has been integrated, too. This means that everything blue can be touched, removed or cleaned.

Consumers can find Meiko’s new trolley washer at WTCE this month.