May 30, 2024

Lufthansa Systems provides navigation data to Universal Avionics

Lufthansa Systems has announced a partnership with Universal Avionics. The Arizona-based manufacturer of avionics systems now uses Lido FMS navigation data as the primary source for its navigational databases.

Universal Avionics and its customers profit from the Lido FMS, which it claims meets the highest standards in currency, precision, and data integrity.

Lufthansa Systems provides Universal Avionics with more than 25,000 aerodromes out of the navigational library, which encompasses over 35,000 aerodromes worldwide. With this partnership, more than 4,500 additional aircraft use Lido FMS through the Universal Avionics flight management system.

“We are pleased that Universal Avionics has trusted Lufthansa Systems to provide our navigation data services, and look forward to supporting Universal Avionics in their mission to provide industry-leading products to their customers,” said Philipp Barzen, managing director Lufthansa Systems FlightNav AG.

“This partnership enables Universal Avionics to continue delivering unprecedented service to our customers as we expand our product portfolio offering,” said Robert Clare, services director at Universal Avionics. “We are excited to collaborate with Lufthansa Systems to access their suite of services, and augment our offering of services to our distribution network and end users,” he added.

Lido FMS is a comprehensive, certified navigation database, containing all relevant aeronautical data with worldwide coverage. The database consists of more than 35,000 aerodromes and associated procedures. All relevant aeronautical data is provided, including information about airports, airways, waypoints, radio beacons, holding patterns, and approaches.

Lido FMS holds EASA Service Provider Certificate Type 1 and is compliant with relevant industry standards such as RTCA DO-200, RTCA DO-201 and ARINC 424.