May 21, 2024

LSG Group pledges against animal cruelty

The LSG Group has pledged to make its entire egg supply chain cage-free by 2025.

Together with the international non-profit organisation Mercy for Animals, the LSG Group will work with its partners and suppliers in finding solutions for a more animal-friendly egg supply to achieve its goal by 2025. 

“We want to direct our focus to sustainability topics that are central to our business and where we can also make an impact at the same time,” said Erdmann Rauer, CEO of the LSG Group. 

“We expect our suppliers to have the same high standards our customers expect from us.”

“With this global cage-free egg commitment, the LSG Group is charting an influential path forward by banning cages for laying hens in its global egg supply chain and even investigating egg alternatives to build supply-chain resiliency, ” added ZoĆ« Sigle, Senior Global Corporate Engagement Manager at Mercy for Animals.