May 22, 2024

LSG Group champions ‘intelligent trucks’

LSG Group is rolling out a new navigation support system on its catering trucks which cuts the number of people needed to deliver to aircraft without compromising safety.

Trucks are being retro-fitted with a 360 degree view camera which allows the drivers to see objects all around the vehicle but cuts the need for a second member of staff working as a guide.

Edgard Graterol, head of operational excellence at LSG Group, says:  “In scaling back up post-pandemic, the biggest challenge we face is getting people trained, approved and back into action fast enough. To address this in the US, we have worked on an intelligent truck. Usually we use two people in each catering truck – a driver plus a guide who makes sure of the position of the truck in relation to the aircraft and loading bays at all times. Now we are training the drivers to guide themselves, combining high tech and low tech, and the results have been impressive. The drivers love it and efficiency has greatly improved. Guides have been freed up to deal with more complex deliveries and other responsibilities.”

The driver can toggle between views on the in-cab screen to see every side of the truck as well as items above – such as aircraft wings. In addition there is a physical stop-point alert system triggered if something should be missed.

Piloted in Miami, airline partners have been involved in this development and approve its roll out which is now happening city by city across all 939 catering trucks in the US. Other regions will then follow.