Take your pick: Uniforms

Jermyn Street Design

Jermyn Street Design has developed uniforms for British Airways, Jet 2 and most recently, Eurostar. The supplier uses fabrics which are easy-care, stretch as the wearer works and do not wrinkle or crease. Items such as hats, coats, and accessories are used to ensure the airline brand stands out in a busy airport.


Keit has created a range of accessories that will easily release if a crew member is attacked. The I-Scarf and the I-Belt are made using a flexible stretch fabric which is invisible to passengers and comfortable to wear. This means they are easily removed if force is applied to staff clothing.


Ox’Bridge specialises in the production of brand image and uniform clothing for professionals. The company offers an á la carte service based on dress code and current fashions. It has previously collaborated with fashion designers on uniform projects, such as Christian Lacroix for Air France.


Uniforms are now easier for crew to order thanks to Skypro’s new MySKYPRO portal. As well as making it simple for crew to choose individual clothing items and specific sizes, the tool enables airlines to manage uniform stock and provides order-tracking.


The wear and tear of footwear is often accelerated for those working in and around aircraft. SkySole offers a solution with oil and acid resistant, anti-static and anti-slip shoes. A resistant rubber outsole is used to repel corrosives like oils, fuels and jet engine exhaust which can accelerate wear.