July 18, 2024

Linstol contributes to Hurricane Ian recovery aid

Linstol and six corporate partners collaborated to raise more than $100,000 for recovery aid following Hurricane Ian. Winds reached speeds of up to 160mph (260km/h) while Hurricane Ian raged in the last week of September 2022. The powerful hurricane was the deadliest to strike Florida since 1935 and wrought $122 million of damage. It ranks as the third-costliest weather disaster in the US of all time.

Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Linstol is a global supplier to the airline industry. Along with Diaz Trade Law, the Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County, iStorage Self Storage, NTG Air and Ocean, Weiner’s Ltd. and WooBamboo, Linstol assisted the homeless and those facing homelessness in Southwest Florida following Hurricane Ian.

“We have had a historical commitment to both sustainability and helping the homeless community in Collier County,” said Matthew Dunham-Novoa, Process Innovation Manager at Linstol. “Through direct assistance and partnerships with local organizations who have a larger footprint in the area, we are able to be good stewards of donated resources.”

Linstol’s team of 14 employees invested more than 200 volunteer hours in cleaning houses, packing hurricane relief kits and distributing food and household goods throughout the community.

Together, Linstol and partners have raised over $100,000 in recovery aid. Additionally, they have created and distributed over 500 hurricane relief kits. So far, over 500 highly-durable canvas duffle bags have been created with the idea of providing lasting relief rather than one-time assistance.  

The much-needed supplies include adult clothing such as jackets, sweaters, socks and underwear. Housing materials including blankets, sleeping bags, tents and tarpaulins also feature in the  hurricane relief kits. So too do hygiene products. Their list of items includes body wash, shampoo, toothpaste and female sanitary products.

Additionally, Linstol and its corporate partners gave more than $100,000 in targeted financial donations to 17 charitable funds in southwest Florida with a focus on local community assistance.

“The aid provided by Linstol and its partners has helped tremendously in our post Hurricane Ian relief efforts,” said Mitch Watson, Coordinated Services Director of the Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County.