July 12, 2024

Limited edition KitKat range launch

Nestlé has added a new limited-edition flavour to its KitKat range – the KitKat Chunky Caramel. 

Made with 100% certified sustainable cocoa, the KitKat wafer is topped with smooth caramel in the chunky format.

Callum Smith, Assistant Brand Manager for KitKat, said: “A new KitKat Chunky is always one of the year’s most anticipated confectionery launches and we think fans will be delighted with our latest innovation. We’ve combined a delicious layer of runny caramel with our crisp KitKat wafer to create a taste sensation. We can’t wait to hear what everybody thinks!” 

The launch aligns with the brand’s strategy for innovating new flavours and follows the limited edition salted caramel popcorn KitKat Chunky rolled out last year. Other flavour launches have included peanut butter, hazelnut, coconut and New York cheesecake.

The company also now offers a vegan KitKat variant. The brand is striving to become carbon neutral by 2025; and Nestlé Confectionery UK & Ireland is aiming to halve the carbon footprint of its local fresh milk supply by 2026. This involves helping farmers to adopt sustainable farming practices that will help protect and restore natural resources such as soil, water and biodiversity around their farms over the years to come.